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Aircraft Compatible Child Car Seats

get ready to take off

Did you know?...

That we test certain seats to ensure that they meet airline guidelines for use on-board an aircraft.

That’s right if you were unsure about travelling on a plane with a baby – you can be full of confidence knowing that our products go above and beyond safety requirements both on the road and in the sky.

Head off on your next vacay knowing your bub will be travelling in complete safety so you can be free to enjoy all the adventures you choose to go together as a family.

And, what’s more? Bub will feel much more comfortable being seated in their very own car seat which feels and smells familiar. Win-Win for both parent and child

Britax has a range of convertible car seats and travel system infant carriers which are ‘aircraft compatible’.

See below for our full range of aircraft compatible Child Safety Restraints.

B-Safe 35
• B-Safe Elite
• Unity
• Advocate (G4 and Clicktight)
• Boulevard (G4 and Clicktight)
• Marathon (G4 and Clicktight)
• Emblem
• Allegiance
• Millenia
• Graphene
• Compaq (includes MkII and AHR) 
• Frontier Clicktight (if internal harness is used - not approved in seat-belt booster mode) 
• Pioneer (if internal harness is used - not approved in seat-belt booster mode
One4Life (if internal harness is used - not approved in seat-belt booster mode)

Please note, that if travelling internationally, it is best to check with the carrier to make sure there are no specific ‘flight compatibility’ rules in your destination.