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Keep Bub Cool & Comfy This Summer

Summer’s here and it is forecasted to be a steamy hot one! Sky News has reported there’s “another severe hot weather season ahead for Australia with maximum temperatures from October to April.”

According to Stanford Children Health, “babies are not as adaptable as adults to temperature change and to further emphasis this point the NSW Government Health have stated that, “babies and children sweat less, reducing their bodies’ ability to cool down. They are at risk of overheating and developing a heat-related illness.”

Additionally, temperatures inside a car can be 20 - 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature and according to KidSafe Australia, “between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014, Ambulance Victoria paramedics rescued 1,165 children who had been left unattended in a car.”


What’s more alarming are these figures from Ambulance Victoria which reveal that:

  • Two thirds of call outs for children locked in cars were to car parks, streets or public places.
  • The summer months (December 2013 - March 2014) were the busiest period with an average of four call outs to a child left unattended in a car per day.
  • 42% of incidents occurred between 11am and 3pm

(Ambulance Victoria, November 2014)

This is why Britax Australia strongly urge parents to never leave their infant in a parked car even “for a few minutes”.


The combination of body heat and the car seat or carrier's confining space can make an infant hot and bothered within a matter of minutes.

Child safety is at the forefront of Britax Australia’s mind and so to help combat this issue, they have skilfully designed a high tech, smart fabric called—Thermo5™.

Britax Australia’s Thermo5™ fabric provides airflow and wicks moisture away. The breathable fabric with Bamboo Charcoal is specifically designed to keep your child cool and comfy on hot summer days!

Dirk Voller, Product Director of Britax Australia said, “We are all about keeping your child cool and comfy for longer and our brand NEW Thermo5™ delivers just that—the premium comfort your baby deserves!”

To further ensure the safety of your child and to help keep them ‘cool and comfy’ over the hot summer period, Britax has compiled a ‘Summer Checklist’ for all parents:



Selected infant carriers and convertible car seats now feature Thermo5™. A full list of Britax Safe-n-Sound products can be found here: