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AHR Easy Adjust

Active Head Restraint (AHR)
Safer and Easier to use

Side impact crashes are a serious threat to your child's safety.  Active Head Restraint (AHR) technology adjusts to grow with your child to provide optimal head protection all of the time.  AHR Easy Adjust Technology is designed so that there is no need to re-harness the seat.

AHR seats

Traditional seats require you to disconnect the shoulder straps and move to the next slots.

With AHR Easy Adjust, as you raise the headrest to grow with your child the shoulder straps will safely reposition, thus making it safer and easier to use.

AHR Easy Adjust Technology is exclusive to Safe-n-Sound. It can be found on the following products:     

platinum proMilleniaMaxi Guard SICTMaxi Rider easy adjust
Platinum PRO SICTMillenia SICTMaxi Guard SICTMaxi Rider AHR Easy Adjust